Tasty Little U Shaped Sandwiches

Tasty Little U Shaped Sandwiches

There are ton and tons of ways you can make fantastic tacos, but basically that's what they are: tasty little U shaped sandwiches. When you're looking for something quick and easy that tastes great tacos just can't be beat. Why? Because you can make so many kinds of tacos. You can use our TSP Taco mix and add in all sorts of your leftovers that you would otherwise have a hard time using up. 

There are so many different tacos that we could write a book. Here are just a few to get your thinking outside the bread box and into the tortilla.

  1. You can make dessert tacos. Who says you can't eat dessert first. There is an ice cream taco that's sold in a lot of stores, you may have seen it. Well, you can make desert tacos that taste better, are much healthier and cost less than that mass produced confection. You can use ice cream in a soft taco with several different kinds of our freeze dried fruits. You can do the same thing with our freeze dried fruits and whipped cream. Our freeze dried strawberries and whipped cream is super tasty.
  2. You can use our TSP Taco Mix and add nearly any style of potato, many kinds of veggies and a few different fruits such as tomatoes.
  3. You can use a base of our refried beans and then put nearly any kind of leftover protein in it and add lettuce. It works with chicken, beef, pork you name it. The base of refried beans really give it that filling factor and it's just so versatile.  

    Tacos work great while you're out hiking and camping. Why? Well, to start off with you don't have to worry about your loaf of bread getting smashed, tortillas are already flat. 

    You can heat the tortilla on nearly any kind of a heat source. You could even wrap them in a paper towel and heat them on the hood of your vehicle from the suns heat. Then heat up some of your TSP Taco Mix, add whatever else you have and you're good to go.

    They are basically the perfect tool to hold nearly anything you have with you on your trip so you can eat it. 

    All in all they are one of the most versatile things you can eat. 

    Just remember that while hiking and camping, people in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world.

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