Skinny Dipping All Summer Long!

Skinny Dipping All Summer Long!

Yes, you read that right, we want you to go skinny dipping all summer long. But before you freak out, this is not the kind of skinny dipping that will get you arrested and your name in the paper. But then again, our way may not let you have an embarrassing story to laugh about when your kids find out later. 

You know how nearly everyone loves a great dip? No, not a dip in the road (although those can be fun, too). We're referring to the types of dips you dip chips, celery, carrots and all your favorites into.

Most everyone has their favorite dip. But the challenge is that you don't make them often enough, because they can really help pack on the pounds. Well, that's where our skinny dipping will come in. You'll have super delicious, super light dips that you can dive into all summer long.

Here Are A Few Skinny (Lower Calorie) Ideas That Will Let You Dip As Often As You Want

1. Start most of your dip bases with fat free sour cream. If you don't mind a few extra calories, you can go with the low or reduced fat varieties. If you don't care about the calories (lucky you), then you can use regular sour cream. 

Stir in any of your favorite Mother Earth Products jalapenos, granulated garlic, onions or chives along with either Bacon Bits or our TSP (Textured Soy Protein) if you want to stay away from bacon for any reason. 

Depending upon your dip application, you can add in a little taco seasoning to taste to make it kind of a nacho type dip. Be sure to add your taco seasoning into it and taste it before adding any salt. Most of the seasonings already have salt in them and this could ruin your dip by making it too salty.

OR you can skip measuring out individual ingredients and try our soup/dip mixes: Herb & Vegetable and Three Onion. You can whip up flavorful dips in just minutes that go perfect with your favorite dipping implements.

2. Bean dips. Get some Mother Earth Products refried bean mix, reconstitute it as directed, and then start adding in your favorites. You can add in your sour cream choice we spoke about above, along with our jalapenos, granulated garlic, onions and chives, or any combination of them you want. 

A little tip. Take a small amount of your bean dip and place it into a bowl. Stir in a little of your favorite ketchup, and see how you like the flavor. It can really make a big flavor profile change in your bean dip. But test it to make sure you like it first.

Using our refried bean mix has got to be the simplest and easiest way to make a bean dip that we are aware of. Just like above: add a little taco seasoning and you'll swear you just took a trip south of the border.

3. Salsa. While the salsa is one hot Latin dance, it's also a hit as one of the all-time favorites for dipping chips into at picnics, gatherings, and every day meals. 

Start with whole ripe juicy tomatoes. Now throw in a little red onion, some of our jalapenos and chives, lime juice, a pinch of dried oregano, another of ground cumin, then salt and pepper to taste, and you have simple but killer salsa. 

One tip that can really change things up a ton is to make more salsa that you need and keep some of it original. But, then add super ripe sweet peach chunks to the other half, and now you have peach salsa as well.

Here's a tip: If you happen to make the salsa a little too spicy for your tastes add the peaches to the whole batch, and you'll lower the heat sensation considerably. Sweet fruits really cut the spice rather well. Then, of course, everyone will presume you were just making a large batch of peach salsa, because it's everyone's favorite and no one will be the wiser.

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