Customer Service/Returns Policy

Our Customer Service Pledge

  • Quality Assurance: Mother Earth Products cannot promise perfection in anything, but we can promise that we will strive to come as close to perfection as possible. In relationship to your purchase of dried vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, freeze dried fruits, freeze dried vegetables, dried instant beans, textured soy protein (TSP), and any other food storage products, you can be assured that we will provide it to you in the safest, most preservable condition possible.
  • Pricing & Promotions: Our prices, specials, and promotions are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. Retail sales and promotions listed on our website do not apply to wholesale orders. It’s possible for there to be an occasional pricing glitch, created by a data entry error. Should this take place, we will work with you to rectify the issue.
  • Viewing Orders: We recommend you register before or during checkout. Registered Customers can click on the ‘My Account’ tab to view their current and past orders.
  • Updating Account Information: Please click on the ‘My Account’ icon at the top right of your screen to change your password and other preferences: address, phone number, etc.
Return Policy: Once an order is shipped, there is nothing we can do to cancel it. We are happy to investigate and try to resolve any problem you may have.
  • If you don’t receive your order in a timely fashion, and you can’t track it, let us know! Please let us know within 3 weeks of shipment that you haven’t received your order.
    • We investigate all the lost shipments and will work with our carrier to either get the package to you or start a claim to recoup monies lost.
    • We will then work with you to resolve the issue and either get you a refund or a replacement.
  • If items arrive damaged or defective, please retain the product and packaging. Then, contact us within 24 hours of delivery to receive replacement.
    • Please provide a photo so we can assess what happened. We do need the photo of what is wrong with the product or packaging to take to Quality Assurance.
    • Once we ascertain the issue with items that are damaged, defective, or missing, we will work with you on a resolution.
    • In some cases, slight damage to a product or package does not mean that a return/ replacement is necessary, because it doesn’t impact the food’s quality or shelf life – dents, damaged boxes, etc. We will work with you on gauging this, as well.
    • If you refuse a shipment and package comes back to us, we will refund you your order, minus the shipping charge we had to pay to you and to receive it back in house (to and from) and a restocking fee of 15%. The package needs to be completely unopened for us to follow this process.
  • We cannot accept blanket return requests for dried vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, freeze dried fruits, freeze dried vegetables, dried instant beans, or textured soy protein (TSP), because we cannot resell them to other customers. Please be mindful of the products and sizes you are purchasing so this can be avoided. All other food storage products or non-food products are welcome for return.
  • Please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ tab to see communication options.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Mother Earth Products Family!