Healthy Comfort Food Ideas That'll Turn Winter Into Your Favorite Season

Healthy Comfort Food Ideas That'll Turn Winter Into Your Favorite Season

Who said that comfort food equals non-stop binging on anything "junk-like" that crosses your path? If you throw the nutritious Mother Earth Products in the mix, you are definitely in for a decadent culinary experience. So, here are some healthy comfort food recipes that'll turn up the heat in your kitchen.


How About Some Spaghetti and Meatballs?

This classic childhood favorite is one of those comfort foods that you have no choice to but embrace during these cold winter days. And contrary to common belief, this dish CAN make a healthy meal – with the right ingredients.

As the spaghetti comes to a boil, get ready to prepare those yummy meatballs and that creamy sauce. For the meatballs, you'll need TSP beef chunks, some dehydrated bell peppers, onions and 1 tablespoon of granulated garlic by Mother Earth Products. Rehydrate them by adding hot water to each ingredient in 1:1 ratio and let them rest for maximum 10 minutes.

As soon as they are hydrated, add all the ingredients into a bowl along with spices (dried oregano, basil, and paprika) and 3 eggs and mix them well. Shape the mixture into balls and bake them until they turn brown in a preheated oven at 375 degrees F. Off to the sauce! For the sauce, you'll need dehydrated tomato flakes and a pinch of cheese powder entrees available by Mother Earth Products. Because which comfort food tastes good without cheese?

Or Perhaps A Steamy Bowl Of Creamy Potato Soup?

Ready in 20 minutes, this potato soup by Mother Earth Products contains all the right ingredients. From potato dices and chicken soup base to spices and dehydrated parsley, this comfort food is bound to rock your taste buds. All you need to do is add the soup mix into boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Bringing on healthy comfort food was never easier!

Would You Like Some Veggie Mac And Cheese With That Movie?

Keep the mac and cheese while introducing hearty veggies to the bunch. So, broaden your culinary horizons by adding (apart from the adored cheese powder entree) dehydrated broccoli, corn, mushrooms, and carrots by Mother Earth Products. Start by hydrating them and cooking them in a saucepan along with a dash of tomato paste.


Can I Interest You In Some Apple Pie?

From the soft filling to the crunchy crust, this sweet treat requires simple ingredients but offers excellent flavor. Ideal for pies like this, Mother Earth Products, offers the option of freeze dried apples, which once hydrated can zest up this all-time-classic dessert. Spread the homemade pie dough onto a baking dish, add the apple filling with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, and you are ready for the sweetest comfort food of your life.

What About Some Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal?

Even though oatmeal is a breakfast staple, there is still something comforting about a bowl of this cereal, especially if it's infused with some sugar and creamer. Ready in less than 5 minutes, maple brown sugar oatmeal by Mother Earth Products is a convenient go-to option if you want to get your hands on some comfort food as soon as possible. 

It's tough to ignore a grumbling stomach that yearns for comfort food. Rather than giving in fatty and unhealthy combos, opt for hearty and easy-to-prepare ingredients that promise the yummiest result possible. Comfort food never tasted better!

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