Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

We're experiencing a long, cold winter that's for sure. But bad weather and natural disasters can come any time of the year. They say that this year will be an El Niño year again, which could well mean winter is far from over, and a whole slew of bad weather that could hit all of us is on the way.

An El Niño year typically means heavy storms that can bring massive flooding and devastate whole areas at a time. With winters like this happening more frequently, El Niño on the way and global warming making each of our weather experiences more severe, now is the time not to be left out in the cold.

There is one thing you can do which can save your life in an emergency situation and that is to make an emergency backpack.

A great statement that you can live by (literally) in the coming challenges is that "most people didn't plan to fail, they just failed to plan." The problem is, in life or death situations, poor or no planning doesn't cut it.

Here is the super simple way to make sure you're prepared when something happens, no matter where you are. With your survival pack, you could be out running errands, at work, or out having fun, and if you get caught by surprise, you will be the one who survives.

Use a large back pack that is sturdy, easy to carry and can hold all the things you really need.

Here's a list of a few of the things you should ensure you have in it. You can keep your water in a container along side of it. There's no need to take up space in the pack or add that kind of weight.

Be sure to have a very compact and lightweight first aid kit. Be sure that it's more than just a band aid and some disinfectant. It would be a good idea if it had a suture kit and some long shelf life, low grade, multi-use antibiotics. You never know what nastiness you might come in contact with.

Be sure to load it up with good long term dry storage food. We have you covered there. Some of your best bets are going to be: our meat substitute for a good quality protein source, dried sweet potatoes for good clean carbohydrates, and freeze dried fruits like bananas for quick energy boosts. Then pack several different types of meals that are super nutritious and high in calories like: our soups, that can be mixed with just about anything else you can find to make combo meals that actually taste good. Get some of our easy cheesy broccoli and rice, or some of our macaroni elbows and cheese.

Next, be sure to pick up some of our food storage moisture packs and strategically place them in your survival pack to keep the damaging moisture out of your lifesaver. It would really bite to grab your pack when you need it most and find it's full of mold.

After that, fishing line and hooks can be used for a lot more than fishing, and as such are a good idea. A good knife, a compass, some matches or fire starter device, a whistle, and a blanket are always the staples of any survival gear. Above and beyond that, take whatever you like and your pack will hold.

Be sure to pull everything out of your pack once a year or more to ensure everything is shipshape and serviceable.

Because it's a pack, the most logical place to keep it is in your car. If you're home, your cars home. If you're at work, it's there, too.

This is something you just can't wait on, so start your survival pack today. You could end up being really glad you did.

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