How Your New Year Resolution Can Cover All Your Emergency Needs The Easy Way!

How Your New Year Resolution Can Cover All Your Emergency Needs The Easy Way!

The new year is here, and it's time to make this year the best of our entire lives. We all have goals, hopes and dreams that we sum up and put forth as resolutions, and one of them has got to be being prepared.

There is an old saying "People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan." Sayings get to be old for a reason, but in this case it is true.

You need to have a preparedness plan that is well thought out and properly encompasses all of your needs.

Once you have your plan you can either get everything you need in one fell swoop, or you can acquire it all over the course of this new year.

Either way, protecting yourself and your family against the challenges that are brewing all over the world has to be a top priority this year.

Here's An Easy Way To Make Your Plan

  1. Determine your needs. Sit and think for a moment. What would you need if a real disaster struck and you had no way to get to stores for 1 month?

    Make a list of all the things you'd REALLY need. Many people put the wrong things on their lists. They think that having a freezer loaded with meats and frozen foods is the best way.

    But, think about that for a second. If the power went out or if you had to leave due to evacuation, then all those meats and frozen foods would go bad very quickly.

    Instead, long term dry storage foods and water purification devices will be a wiser choice that will really help get you through that rough spot.
  1. Once you have your list, either decide to get it all at once or break it down into 12 monthly purchases.

  2. If you chose 12 monthly purchases, then organize each month’s acquisitions onto a document or spreadsheet. Then on a specific day each month, make your purchases and start building your reserves.

This is a simple plan, and that's why it works so well.

2 things cannot be overstated when making your plan.

  1. When you go shopping at Mother Earth Products, make sure you get what you know you'll eat for each month and enough to add to your stockpile. Many people become addicted to our freeze dried fruits and berries and end up snacking on their reserves.

    Getting enough ahead of time will solve that problem.
  1. The importance of making your plan and following through is paramount. Once a big emergency hits, attempting to place your order then may not work out to well.

Making a plan and doing it now is by far the best way.

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