The One Simple Thing That Could Save Your Life

The One Simple Thing That Could Save Your Life

Imagine if you would that you're driving and (heaven forbid) your car breaks down, you're in an accident, there's an accident ahead, you hit a deer, or any other of a number of challenges arise. Or maybe you're in your home and a natural or man made disaster happens, such as: a fire, flood, windstorm, a gas line breaks, or you have to bug out fast. 

In any of these scenarios, the one thing you don't have is time. You don't have time to go shopping for supplies, a first aid kit, food, water or other emergency preparedness necessities. 

That's why the number one life saving item you should always have in your car is your bug out bag. 

When emergencies happen - as they do - if you don't have it and you need it, you’re screwed. That's why you should never put off making your bug out bag for later. Because later is too late.

The reason you keep it in your car is that your car is always close to you. If you're just going to work or the store you may forget to put your bag in the car every day on every trip. So, if it's already in your car, you can't forget.

How To Build Your Bag

  1. First, your bag has got to be a backpack. The reason is: if your car is unusable and you need to set out on foot, you don't want to carry a heavy bag in your hands.
  2. Bring extra footwear. Bring a set of hiking boots that you already have broke in really well. To save space you're going to attach them to the outside of the bag. You can do this with the laces or get a couple zip ties. The reason you need boots is you might be in dress shoes, flip flops, or you name it. If you have to hike out in snow, rocks, mud, or other harsh conditions you'll be unbelievably happy that you secured then to your pack. Be sure to put 2 extra pair of socks in your bag. If you're in sandals, you may not have socks. If your feet get wet, the extra pair will be welcome.
  3. Keep your water separate and rotate it every 3 months. Keep at least a gallon of water in the car beside your pack. Rotate it every three months or look at the shelf life to be sure it's fresh.

Here Is Your Checklist Of Items That Needs To be In Your Bug Out Bag

  1. Two maps and a compass. You should have one map of the country you're in and one of the local area. You may need to plan longer trips using the country map and knowing where you're going is essential. 
  2. One water filtration straw. You never know how long you could be stuck and your gallon of water could go fast.
  3. First aid Mylar survival blanket. This item could make the difference in surviving or not. Hypothermia is no joke.
  4. A good knife. You need one that is all purpose. You don't have to spend for a survival knife, but it does have to be rugged.
  5. Fishing hook and line. You may need it for fishing. But it is great for extra sutures to close wounds and string to tie things together. Plus you can melt it to make plastic repairs. 
  6. A section of rope. 50 to 100 feet is usually enough. Rope is just ever so handy. 
  7. A first aid kit. There should be no question as to why you need this.
  8. Matches and a fire starter. Matches are easy. But a steel strike fire starter works even when wet. 
  9. A whistle. It can be heard for miles. Your voice can break from yelling, but if you're still breathing you can make a whistle work.
  10. A multipurpose tool like a Leatherman. These things are so handy you'll love having it. You're stuck and you need a screwdriver - you've got one; a fishhook remover - got it. I'm sure you see what I mean.
  11. A strong folding shovel with one side sharpened to be an axe or a weapon. Get the one that doubles for a hammer too and you now have a great tool that could save your butt.
  12. A hand crank powered flashlight. Batteries die. The hand crank powered ones last for years.
  13. Disaster prep style food. You have no idea how long you'll be in a situation. Pack as much food as you can. It just so happens that here at Mother Earth Products we have you covered. Some suggestions are: your favorite freeze dried fruits for energy, some TSP for protein, and some 9 grain cracked cereal for staying power and fiber. 

You can rotate them out of your bag with fresh supplies and use them in your house before the expiration dates; keeping your bug out bag fresh is essential. 

  1. Toilet paper. Yeah, we all know what we need that for, but there's another use as well. If you have damp tinder that you're attempting to get a fire started with you'll be ever so glad you had a little toilet paper to light first. This will be a big help in getting a potentially lifesaving fire going. 

What's Next?

Do it now! Telling your scared, bleeding loved one that you were going to make a bug out bag pretty soon won't comfort them much when they are in crisis. They're trusting you with their lives, and you need to cowboy up.

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