Top 5 Tips For Dealing With Holiday Stress

Top 5 Tips For Dealing With Holiday Stress

The Holidays are upon us, and every year millions of people become stressed at the mere thought of having to deal with it all - let alone being in the throes of it.

The Holidays are meant to be a time of joy and peace, but there are so many stresses associated with them these days that it really leaves you wondering what to do?

Well, not to fear, Mother Earth Product’s here to  steer you clear of your holiday stress before it becomes a big fat mess! (Hey, the Holidays are supposed to have Jingles, right?)

Here Are Your 5 Top Tips To Help You Have Stress Free Holidays That You'll Remember For Years!

  1. Have The Right Set Of Expectations.

    During the holidays we tend to set extremely high expectations on ourselves and others. We have too many notions of what we imagine other people expect of us; so, we stress that we may not be meeting those expectations.

    The fact of the matter is if you were to go to those people and ask them if they really care if the gift you give them is better than what they give you or whatever else you imagine they might think, they will quite likely tell you that they hadn't even thought of it.

    These are all mental games we play with ourselves, and for the most part, the people in your life that truly do care about you really don't care what gift you give them; they just want to spend time with you.

    So, adjust the level of your expectations way down to a very casual level, and you'll be so much happier you won't believe it.
  1. Make a plan and be prepared.

    One sure fire way to ditch the holiday stress is to have a game plan and be prepared by getting and doing everything you need early, and not waiting until the last minute.

    Having to jump through hoops at the last minute, because you didn't order enough dried fruits or get all the gifts you needed, is just added anxiety and stress that is not needed and can easily be avoided.

    Take a few minutes, sit down and plan everything out. Make a list and check it twice, or you'll suffer through the season with just red beans and rice. Be sure to stock up on everyone's favorites, like all the delicious freeze dried fruits and berries; they are always a hit and make healthy stocking stuffer alternatives.

    Write down each gift you're going to get and when you're going to get it. You won't believe how good it feels to check things off your list as you do them.

    Even if you're short on funds, you can still plan that you're going to get the gift on payday and just having that plan written down will take away all that stress.
  1. Don't Overbook Yourself.

    If you're like many people, you tend to want to be everywhere all at one time. You have all these invitations, and you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by being a no-show.

    Hey, it's understandable. But no one expects you to be a robot clone. So, the best thing to do is pick the places where you feel really comfortable being, and that won't even come close to being too many commitments; let the others know that you would love to come but you were already booked.

    Be sure to reply to them ASAP so they can make their purchasing plans. They may be a little disappointed, but they will respect you for letting them know so early. They know you can't be in five places at once, and next year, they'll book your time first.
  1. Don't Miss Sleep To Get Everything Done.

    The Holidays add extra workloads on to our already busy lives. It's just a fact that you're going to have a few extra things to do.

    Don't stress, read tip #2 above again, and plan everything out. With your time planned out, you'll know what you're doing ahead of time, and it becomes manageable.

    Don't cut back on sleep. Sleep deprivation, of course, makes you tired, but also adds to your stress levels.

    Lack of sleep is a recipe for disaster. Did you know that sleep deprivation inhibits your motor skills worse than alcohol? Yes, it's true. Then, you're out driving super tired late at night on slick or even icy roads - this can be problematic.

    So, get plenty of rest, and you'll have lower stress levels and stay much safer as well.
  1. Take Care Of Your Mind And Body.

    During the Holidays, we tend to eat a bunch of things we wouldn't normally eat throughout the rest of the year.

    That's ok, but follow these tips to help combat the holiday food and stress killer combo.

    Sniff some citrus. Cut open a lemon or lime and smell it deeply. As the citrus oils aromatize and you breathe them in, they can help to bring about a sense of refreshment and re-invigoration.

    Next: keep healthy snacks around wherever you go. Yes, you're out running around like a whirlwind, that's for sure. BUT, you can still take freeze dried fruits with you, so that you keep your blood sugar stable. Don't let yourself get overly hungry, so you’ll eat too much holiday candy or other health wrecking choices. Click Here For Great Snack Choices.

Keeping healthy snacks with you at all times will have an amazing impact, and you won't have so many holiday pounds that have to come off when January 1st arrives.

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