Rehydrating Dehydrated Veggies

Rehydrating Dehydrated Veggies

Tips on rehydrating dried vegetables

Basic preparations vary depending on how you would like to prepare each product. You are able to eat the dehydrated vegetables dry, or you can rehydrate them for side dishes or when adding them to your recipes. Rehydrating can vary based on personal preference. Just as in many cases, depending on the amount of one product you put in, is going to determine how much of another product you add.

A general rule of thumb I like to start out with when rehydrating is the 1:2 rule. The 1:2 ratio states that for every 1 part product you put in, you must add 2 parts water. For example, if I have 1 cup of dried peas I am going to add 2 cups of water in order to rehydrate them. This is a great way to start because based on the amount of flavor you would like, you can always add more product, or strain out some of the water. When you have the amount of water you would prefer you are going to want to simmer the vegetables for about 10-15 minutes. Again this will vary based on the vegetable as well as personal preference.

If you are watching nutritional values, it is good to note that about 1/2 cup of dried vegetables = about 1 cup of hydrated vegetables.

Do you have a water to dried veggie ratio that works best for you?

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