When only the "whole" truth will do

When only the "whole" truth will do

It's Time For The Whole Truth!

What one food group gives you fantastic energy, tons of nutrition, loads of fiber and may even help you live longer?

Whole grains can do all that and more.

Here Are Your 7 Must know Essential Benefits From Whole Grains

  1. Grains help you to feel fuller longer. Since grains contain fiber and long chain carbohydrates, they act as a major factor in satiation (the feeling of fullness). They take longer to break down, so they provide clean stable energy that can help keep you going for hours on end.

  2. Grains can help you lose body fat. Studies have shown that people who ate whole grains, whole grain bread and popcorn (without butter) were 49% less at risk for weight gain over people who ate white bread, doughnuts and other refined products.1

    Grains can also help with blood sugar stabilization. Because, as you know, they help make you feel full longer with their complex carbohydrates and fiber. This slowing down of your digestion allows for smoother, slower and longer energy uptake, so you don't have highs and lows in both your blood sugar and energy. This translates into not getting too hungry and eating bad choices or portions that are too large, which only further complicates your blood sugar challenges.
  1. You need fiber every single day. Normal adult women need about 25 grams of fiber each day while men require about 38 grams.2

    Whole grains contain 2 types of healthy fiber - soluble and insoluble. Both types have been shown to aid in digestion and elimination, while also helping in the cleansing of the digestive tract. 2

    Making whole grains a part of your daily diet is one of the best things you can do to aid in regularity and cleansing, and since they are so easy to eat, there's no reason not to put them high on your list.
  1. Whole grains can help lower cholesterol. Whole grains help lower cholesterol via the soluble fiber they deliver. Their fiber helps to cleanse arteries much like fiber (including those from grains) helps cleanse your colon. These are truly fantastic long term benefits that you should make a part of your health regime.3

  2. They may also help to lower blood pressure. One study showed that men who ate at least 7 servings of a whole grains per week had a 19% lower risk of hypertension.1 Being one of the most important factors in heart disease, lowering hypertension can have a remarkable effect on your overall health.

  3. Inflammation is a silent killer, don't be a victim. Inflammation is such a problem that Time Magazine® devoted a full cover to it titled "The Secret Killer."4 Whole grains can have a significant impact on reducing inflammation of the gut, which has been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, problems in pregnancy (such as premature birth), preeclampsia and fertility problems.1

  4. Live longer, but in an odd way. Whole grains have shown to affect the telomeres on your DNA - directly in women and indirectly via folate (the form folic acid takes in the blood) in men. Evidence also shows the antioxidant properties have a direct affect on telomeres length as well. Research supports the evidence of a longer lifespan in humans with increased telomeres length.5

There are so many reasons why you should consume whole grains that we could write a book. The above reasons were but a few.

We all know whole grains are good for us, and they complement most any meal. That's why we have expanded our whole grain selection with some fantastic new offerings that you really need to see for yourself.

It's time to step up to the plate and put whole grains on it. 


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