For Healthy Kids Snacks They'll love - Here's What To Pack

For Healthy Kids Snacks They'll love - Here's What To Pack

Just like most concerned parents when you send your kid(s) to school you want them to have the healthiest things possible in their lunch boxes and for their snacks. The problem is, if you send them to school with just a bag of broccoli not only won't they eat it, but they won't even be able to trade it. Unless they can find that one kid who snuck his pet hamster into the school, and it's hungry.

It can be a real balancing act. You need them to eat healthy. But it's got to taste good or you know it will just go into the trash on the way back to class. 

Well, what if I told you that you now have an alternative that will fulfill your needs for healthy eating and their requirements for taste. 

Below you'll find the Ninja parent tricks for sneaking healthy into their snacks without them ever knowing about it. Then, on top of that, what if I told you it was super easy and would be faster than most other snacks you prepare.

By the way. The following snacks are not limited to just being sent to school. You can have them for afternoon snacks when they get home. Plus, another by the way is that,  there's no age limit, your whole family will love them as well.

Stacks And Stacks Of Really Great Snacks

The snacks below are just a few of the ideas you can run with using Mother Earth Products. In truth, you could likely come up with dozens more. But these will definitely get you started.

  1. Peanut, cashew, almond or even macadamia nut butter with a nice stack of banana chips on the side. The banana chips work as great little scoopers to scoop up the nut butter into nice tasty bites.
  2. Use any of the nut butters above and have a dry serving of their favorite freeze dried fruit in a baggie or on a plate if at home. This could be strawberries, pineapple, mango or any dried fruits they love.  Your child pours the dried fruits on top of the nut butter, stirs them in and bingo, you have a great snack.
  3. Mix any variety of your Mother Earth Products freeze dried fruits with your favorite whole roasted nuts and into a baggie they go. You've just made your own tasty, healthy and wholesome trail mix. But you've made it without all the chemical preservatives they put on it. It's a much better solution.
  4. Cut thin slices of your favorite cheese into 1/2 inch or so squares. Put them in between freeze dried strawberry slices and enjoy. It might sound odd at first but you really won't believe how good it is.
  5. Take your homemade trail mix from #3 above and add a whole grain cereal. Now cover with your reconstituted Morning Moos and you've got a fantastic snack, breakfast or an anytime meal. If you're a cinnamon fan you can sprinkle just a little cinnamon on top to spike the flavor even more. 

You'll likely end up eating this one for breakfast quite a bit as well. So, to change up the flavors you can add a few drops of real French vanilla extract, or almond extract or even chocolate extract or cocoa powder. You could add just a touch of honey to it as well to sweeten it up to your taste.

The main thing is to be super creative with all your snacks. There are so many really killer combos you'll discover, it will blow you away. 

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