Ways Alkaline Foods are Good for Your Health and Where to get Started

Ways Alkaline Foods are Good for Your Health and Where to get Started

Luckily, there is a natural way to put an end to this: the alkaline diet. Favored by many A-list celebs, foods with lower acidity help you maintain an optimal pH in your body unlike acid-inducing foods and drinks, such as: alcohol, fish, and fried food. But, let's find out a bit more.

What Is The Alkaline Diet About?

The alkaline diet refers to a low-acid regimen as a natural way to balance the body's pH in an attempt to migitate tummy troubles, such as heartburn and acid reflux. That means that foods with increased acidity are replaced with alkaline foods, such as freeze dried broccoli and dehydrated leeks by Mother Earth Products to improve your health. How is that possible?

So, by ingesting alkaline foods, you maintain a proper body pH rather than stressing your body to self-correct its pH level. By doing so, the alkaline diet promotes your well-being in various ways which bring us to the next point.

How Can Alkaline Foods Boost Your Health?

  • Reduces Back Pain Symptoms

  • Whether this is a chronic condition or a recent course of events, research suggests that supplementing your diet with alkaline minerals is bound to reduce symptoms in patients who suffer from chronic low back pain. So, ready to introduce alkaline foods, such as dehydrated red beans by Mother Earth Products, to your daily regimen?

  • Prevents Bone Diseases

  • It's been suggested that the modern eating lifestyle, which is rich in fats and acidic foods, has something to do with significant calcium excretion down the line. In an attempt to reverse these negative results, scientists examined the effects of alkaline foods for the bone health, and it resulted in that they are potent enough to do the trick and prevent calcium loss and, thus, the development of bone diseases like osteoporosis.

  • Prevents Muscle Loss Due To Age (Sarcopenia)

  • As you age, your muscle mass tends to attenuate, making your body susceptible to falls and fractures. According to research, there is a way to hit the breaks on this effect, and that is the alkaline diet. In fact, a diet rich in potassium (found in alkaline foods), along with no acid-inducing substances, can help you maintain your muscle mass regardless of your age.

    At the same time, one study proved that acidosis (increased blood acidity) is associated with wasting of muscle protein. From the minute you cut back on those acid-forming foods, acidosis has no chance but to recede. This way you maintain your current muscle mass. Anyone for some alkali-rich freeze dried sweet potato by Mother Earth Products?

  • Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

  • Among others, alkaline foods have been suggested to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes. That occurs because research proves that dietary acid load (acidosis) is positively linked to the condition, regardless of other diabetes-inducing factors. As a result, the alkaline diet is suggested as a healthy way to prevent the development of this disease, even though further research is required. To answer all these questions, there is an ongoing clinical trial that aims to determine whether there is an active connection between alkaline foods and diabetes prevention.

  • May Prevent Cancer

  • Even though further research is necessary, the alkaline diet is said to prevent the development of  severe disease like cancer. According to this source, cancer cells don't have an increased pH tolerance for cellular proliferation that ranges between 6.5 and 7.5. In turn, this intolerance can either decrease or increase the pH of the cancer cell leaving no room for cancer progression (metastasis).

    Which Foods Are Recommended In An Alkaline Diet?

  • Freeze Dried Asparagus

  • Ideal as a snack or a main dish, asparagus is one of the strongest foods out there regarding alkalinity.

  • Dehydrated Cabbage

  • Even if you are not a fan of cabbage's taste, keep an open mind. This alkaline superfood is also low in calories.

  • Dehydrated Carrots

  • Rich in vitamin A, this alkaline food is also perfect for your eye heath. Raw or steamed, it also pairs well with many foods.

  • Dehydrated Celery

  • Ideal for a "green" smoothie, dehydrated celery by Mother Earth Products is also a great addition to your alkaline-friendly meals.

  • Dehydrated Zucchini

  • This versatile vegetable can do more than liven up a regular meal. Its alkaline potency makes it an ideal choice for introducing yourself into a preventive diet.

    It's obvious that a history of research advocates for the alkaline diet. Being a diet based on natural foods, it's easy to see the long-term benefits that it may have on you. So, are you ready to put down the processed stuff and opt for healthier food choices? Mother Earth Products is the place to start.


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