The Polar Vortexes are coming, will you be ready?

The Polar Vortexes are coming, will you be ready?

They Predict Not One, Not Two but THREE Polar Vortex Arctic Winter Blasts This Year, Will You Be Ready?

This coming winter will not be a good one to go into it unprepared. As you'll remember: last year, the weather got so cold so fast they even gave it a new name; they called it a Polar Vortex.

Now, you know it's cold when they have to make up a new name to describe how cold it is.

Well, this year they predict that we won't just have just one of those things, but that we will have three or maybe even more.

And being a smart preparedness minded person, you can't afford to get caught up in 1, 2 or 3 of those things and have no stockpiles of long term storage foods.

It would be zero fun to be stuck at home with no way to get to the stores because it's so nasty and even when you do get there - guess what...they're closed.

Here Are Your Essentials To Make Sure You Have On Hand

  1. TSP (Textured Soy Protein). The word Protein comes from the Greek word Proteos which translates to "The First One." That means that between protein, fats, and carbohydrates protein is the most important.

    You also know that when the power goes out you lose your refrigeration, and the first to go is your meats, chicken and fish.

    Keeping TSP on hand will get you out of that bind and help keep your body strong with your critical protein needs during the challenges you will face.

    Use it in the soups we will recommend below, and you'll love it. Plus it makes crazy good Sloppy Joes as well.
  1. Soups will save the day. Everyone knows that a nice hot bowl of soup just feels good when it's cold and nasty outside. But, there is another reason people have eaten them as a preferred food in winter - they're super nutritious. You've likely heard of or even your mom has given you chicken noodle soup when you weren't feeling well. There is a reason moms all over the world give their children soups to keep them healthy and strong. It's because they work.

    Stocking up on copious amounts of soups for the coming projected Polar Vortex Arctic Blasts is just the right thing to do.

    When you make your soups, you can add TSP to them as your tasty protein source. You can add it to soups and chilis. You can mix it with barbeque sauce, once hydrated, make fantastic sandwiches or mix it into mashed potatoes, and you've got a good meal that will stick with you.

An Ounce Of Prevention

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then an hours preparedness is worth days of suffering and starvation.

Being prepared this winter will not be a luxury; it will be an absolute necessity. You can't wait until it happens to stock up - that time is now.

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