School’s Out. Now What?

School’s Out. Now What?

Summer’s here, and you have the kids all day. You still have to work, do things around the house, and find time for yourself -- if there is any left. 

Sure, the kids are all thinking, “woohoo, it's party time,” but your schedule didn't get any easier. In some cases if got even fuller. So, how do you keep the kids happy, well fed, and cut your hours at the same time?

Easy. With a little planning and stocking up, you can accomplish all that and more. 

Get lots of their favorite freeze dried fruits. You can keep them healthier by creating new family favorites in no time flat. 

Here Are A Few They Are Sure To Love

Instead of making traditional PBJ, substitute the jelly with freeze dried strawberries and bananas. Put the peanut butter on the bread like always, then spread a layer of Mother Earth Products freeze dried strawberries on top of the peanut butter. Then arrange a layer of freeze dried bananas on top and cover with the other slice of bread. It's ultra tasty, crunchy, and cuts all that refined sugar out of their diets. 

Give them 9 grain cracked cereal in the morning. You can give it to them with freeze  dried fruit pieces on top. Blueberries are awesome on your 9 grain cereal. Cover with milk or your favorite alternative, and you have a great breakfast. If they like it cooked, then cook several servings at once. Put the extra servings in the fridge, so you can just heat them up fast on busy mornings.

Take your favorite yogurt and add freeze dried fruit pieces to it for that extra crunch and flavor. Stir in a little granola, and you have a powerhouse snack that all kids will love. The thing about it is, the adults will love it, too. 

If you need a quick dessert, take whole whipping cream that you buy in a small 1/2 pint paperboard milk container. Whip it into real whipped cream, and then add freeze dried fruit pieces, and you have a super tasty summer treat. 

School’s out, and it's time to have some summer fun. Use the ideas above to cut your time involvement, while giving them foods you can be proud of. That's what you call a true win-win scenario.

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