Traveling With Us In Your Luggage

Traveling With Us In Your Luggage

Whether you’re a health junkie or not, you may often find it challenging to access healthy food options while traveling. In airports, there are fewer healthy food options, but an abundance of junk foods. (1)

You may also not enjoy hotel menus and buffets. Moreover, most hotel foods have a high level of sugar, salt, additives and preservatives that you may not be in control over. The prices of the foods are also usually double or triple the typical cost of foods. (2) 

How can you avoid this? It’s simple. By carrying freeze dried food product in your luggage as you travel. They are healthy and portable alternatives that can help you to stick to your meal plans even if you’re miles away from home. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables have undergone a process where all their water content is removed while in a frozen state and low pressure to dry them completely. They may not be as juicy as fresh counterparts, but they are still packed with their nutritional benefits. (2)

They are a quick and convenient way to get nutrients on the go. (1) Because of the freeze drying, they often have a crunchy texture that makes them perfect for a snack. (2)

Why you should consider carrying freeze dried products in your luggage

They are convenient

They are lightweight and easy to pack and carry in your backpack or suitcase. Their size is as a result of freeze drying which makes them slightly smaller than their standard form. Therefore, while traveling, you can pack various pouches, unlike the fresh food products. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables are a perfect snack on the go, because you can easily eat them directly from the pack. They provide a quick energy boost during hiking or bushwalking. 

Most restaurants along the way may have fewer food options to choose from. Carrying your meals gives you the choice to eat what you enjoy. Furthermore, perhaps you’re a vegan, and instead of shopping around for a vegan meal, you can quickly make your meal if you’ve carried freeze dried peas and corn. 

Easy and quick to prepare

You can use freeze dried products to make a quick meal in the comfort of your hotel room. You just need to rehydrate the freeze dried peas or sweet potatoes. You’ll need to add water, let them soak and heat. Some can be eaten directly from the pack, such as freeze dried fruits. (3)

Make sure to carry a variety of fruits and vegetables. 

They have a longer shelf life

Traveling for a while and you’re not sure if you’ll adjust to the new menus? You can carry freeze dried peas, corn, fruits, and vegetables. They are a healthy way to carry nutritious foods when traveling, because they don’t require refrigeration. They last longer without going bad. (3)

Unfortunately, some hotels may not have refrigeration facilities. Storing fresh produce may be hectic and can make food go bad and lead to food poisoning. It is perfect for traveling for more than a day, because you’ll access all the nutrients without being afraid that your fresh juice will go bad. 

They are perfect for emergency

You can carry freeze dried foods when going on long road trips. They can serve as an emergency when you need them, like when your car breaks down, and you can’t access food stores. It’s no wonder freeze dried food products are mainly sent to affected areas during emergencies, like floods or hurricanes and storms. (2)

They are low in calories

They are also low in calories. (2) You don’t need to be afraid of overindulging your sweet tooth during transit. 

They are nutritious 

Unlike processed foods, freeze dried foods have their nutrient level intact, because nutrients are not lost during freeze drying. The only difference with fresh foods is that they have no water. (1) Also, the foods are preserved at their peak of maturity and nutrient content. Therefore, their flavor, texture and nutritional value are maintained during the process. (4) Researchers have confirmed that although freeze dried fruits and vegetables have slightly lower levels of some nutrients than fresh produce, they are rich in fiber and antioxidants and the nutrient loss is negligible. (4) You get not only the convenience but also the health benefits. (1)

Some of the crucial nutrients abundant in freeze dried fruit and vegetables include fiber, vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and beta-carotene. 

Some options that you can take along with you

Freeze dried products have long been reserved space travel. Not anymore. They are now available for everyone on the move. There are many options to choose from. Ensure that you check out our wide range of freeze dried products and carry us in your luggage. 


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