Holiday Travel Tips To Make It Fun And Get Rid Of The Stress

Holiday Travel Tips To Make It Fun And Get Rid Of The Stress

The holidays are coming and for a lot of us that means traveling to go see our families. It could be on a plane or across town. Either way, we've got tips that will help you be safe, enjoy yourself, and de-stress the whole thing so you can relax.

Here Are Some Great Tips

1. If you're driving, whether it is to a relative's house or to the airport, or if you live in cold country, take chains and kitty litter. 

Ok, that sounds really weird, but don't shoot the messenger quite yet. For 2 examples: A.) you're driving to a relatives and going to stay a week, and right now there's no snow; B.) you're going to the airport and will be gone a week. 

On either example above, when you come home, it snowed while you were gone. You don't have much choice; you have to drive in it. You'll be so glad you threw the chains and kitty litter in the back you'll want to sing. 

The chains are obvious; you can put them on and head out. The kitty litter is so if you do get stuck, there is nothing better and cheaper to throw under the tires for traction than kitty litter. The stuff is amazing, and it's super cheap too.

2. Ship your gifts ahead of time or give gift cards. Why? Well, have you ever seen how they throw your bags around during loading? Then, what if they lose your luggage? You might be able to get by with what you have to wear. But what about that special present that's not there for your loved one on Christmas Day? Do you really want to have to go through explaining why you don't have any gifts for anyone 10 times? 

Ship ahead of time; it just reduces the stress.

3. If there is more than one in your group traveling, pack 2 days in each other's bags. This means that if you are traveling with 2 others (say their names are Rick and Sue), you put two days worth of clothes in Rick's bags and Sue's bags. They also put two days in your bag and each other's bags. If your bags get lost by the airlines, you have 4 days worth of clothes and the same goes for Rick and Sue. 

You don't really want to have to meet everyone in the family in the clothes you traveled in because that's all you have. This one tip can save you a ton of frustration.

4. Pack MORE snacks than you think you'll need. During the trip, there can be delays. You're driving and hit foul weather that slows you down or a major accident ahead of you strands you. If you're flying, then you know flights can be delayed, it happens all the time. 

Pack lots of our freeze dried fruits to snack on. You'll have them if you need them, and they won't spoil on you if you don't. They can really keep you and your family happy if there's a delay, and they supply the nutrients to keep you feeling great while traveling, instead of eating junk and feeling bad. 

Go have a look at our assorted freeze dried fruits, you'll be glad you did if you get stuck: Freeze Dried Fruits!

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