Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Day

May 11 is the National Eat What You Want Day. Although we eat food every day, this day is unique because you can eat whatever you want.

In the current era, people are obsessed with diets and meal plans. You probably spend time stressing over what you can or cannot eat. To make it worse, the magazines splash images of perfectly toned models that can make you feel inadequate.

There are several food fads that come and go.  But on May 11, everyone can relax and forget about their diet goals just this once in a year. You can try something new or indulge in the craving that you've been putting off.

History of Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Day was initiated by Thomas and Ruth Roy. The intention was to help people break away from the overwhelming diet plans, and diet trends, for just one day.1 They have created about 90 fun holidays that are registered officially under the Wellcat Holidays.2

Giving yourself a break often is good for you. Signing up for low calories diet fads can potentially make you overeat when you switch back to your normal diet patterns

Why Should You Celebrate Eat What You Want Day?

Have a break from the usual

This day is a perfect break from the norm of keeping up with strict diet plans and allows you to eat just this once. It is totally okay to check on your diet, no dispute. After all, not everyone has a naturally fast metabolism. It also gives you a chance to flip your routine and put away the structure. You can scrape off your meal plan just this once and be spontaneous.

Have the freedom to choose

Eat What You Want Day is a perfect chance to have the freedom to indulge in your cravings without feeling guilty about it. It provides an opportunity to help you hold on your regimen longer since you'll have a chance to soothe your cravings then get back on track.

Be kind to yourself

By indulging in your craving without any guilt, you show kindness to yourself. It gives you the assurance that you can keep with the diet all year long, but just this once you satisfy your inner self of whatever it yearns for. It will teach you to be kind to yourself.

How to Celebrate Eat What You Want Day

It's easy to celebrate this holiday since you can eat whatever you want. You can stop counting the calories and eat some ice-cream, pizza, or fries. Since everyone is different, you get to choose whatever will make you happy and quell your cravings that have been bothering you.

However, it's not only junk foods that qualify in the eat what you what day checklist. You can spoil yourself to an expensive meal that you would not buy every day. Like treating yourself to a five-course meal at a restaurant. Call your favorite restaurant and order. Make sure to get your favorite bottle of wine as well. You deserve it.

Considering the current situation in the world, you can also consider recreating your favorite childhood meal, this time with the help of your children and spouse as you stay at home. Get the recipe from your mom or grandma. The critical thing is to indulge in something that you enjoy whatever food that you choose to celebrate this one day.

What People Eat On Eat What You Want Day

You have your own choices, but what are people eating? The top food that most Americans would eat daily if they did not have to worry about the consequences is pizza. The other top foods include pasta, burgers, ice cream, tacos or burritos, chocolate, and French fries - in that order. The others are French fries, cakes, cookies, cheese and donuts.3

How To Make Eat What You Want Day Fun

There are several ways to make Eat What You Want Day fun?

First, you can switch things up and eat what you'd eat for diner at breakfast and have breakfast for dinner. You can eat some pancakes sprinkled with maple syrup and bacon and a smoothie. It's up to you.

Second, you can allow your children to be in charge of meals this day to make it fun for them. Let them decide what will be for dinner this day so that they can also have their own food fantasy come to fruition. You may be surprised to get a delicious treat that you wouldn't think of yourself.

Third, you can break your regular food routine. Ditch the lunchbox and go for lunch with your colleagues. Change your typical routine and enjoy the day.

Lastly, celebrate Eat What You Want Day by ordering or preparing your favorite food that you cannot eat regularly because you're sticking to a diet. Make sure to make it a family affair, especially now that you’re in isolation, and you can't meet with friends.

Life is short to not to have a break from a strict diet this once. Give in to your sweet tooth because no one should give you a side-eye or tell you what you shouldn't eat on Eat What You Want Day. It is definitely perfect escape from the counting calories and suppressing the cravings.


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