Everything You Need to Know About TSP Bacon

Everything You Need to Know About TSP Bacon
Bacon can make anything taste better, whether that's a regular breakfast or a gourmet dessert (yep, you read that right!). Unfortunately, the delicious cured meat has a reputation for being unhealthy and too heavy to consume on a regular basis. The next best thing? TSP bacon bits. This soy-based food tastes and looks like our favorite breakfast staple, but is actually healthier and easier to cook. So, if you've been looking for a drool-worthy way to tone down your bacon addiction, here's everything you need to know about TSP bacon bits and their delicious effects on your taste buds.

What Is TSP Bacon?

Short for Textured Vegetable Protein, TSP is a food product that's made of defatted soy flour. That means that it all oils are removed during processing, which instantly makes it healthier than the real deal. This unique nosh comes in the form of granules, so it looks a lot like ground beef or turkey. No wonder it's one of the most popular meat substitutes out there. This vegan treat is also jam-packed with dietary fiber and protein, hence the name. While its distinct spongy texture puts off a lot of people at first, TSP's taste is unique, often putting many non-vegan bites to shame.

One of the most popular flavors of TSP is Bacon Bits. This delicious variation is made after regular, unflavored TSP is mixed with certain herbs and spices and is smoked to perfection. However, if you want to add this food to your weekly menu, we recommend you opt for the TSP Bacon Bits, as they are easier to handle, cook, and sneak into meals.

How to Cook With TSP Bacon

What TSP Bacon Bits lack in water (they are actually dehydrated), they make up in flavor. That said, you can readily consume them as is or use them to season your salads, pizza, soup, toasts, etc. Also, note that some recipes, which promote the whole quick-cooking mantra, don't require you to hydrate the bacon bits. In this case, you just add them to the mix and let the moisture from other ingredients do the trick.

However, if your recipe calls for hydrated TSP bacon bits, make sure to add one cup of warm water for every cup of the product you use. Then, set them aside for about 15 minutes. When you come back, the Bacon Bits will look like regular Bacon Bits, and they'll be ready to flavor up any dish, including pasta sauces, casseroles, chili, and Sloppy Joes. Yum!

Why TSP Bacon Is Worth A Spot in Your Pantry

From saving you a pretty penny to loading your body with much needed nutrients, TSP Bacon Bits are nothing like their distant, fatty cousin (a.k.a. regular bacon). So, if you can't go without bacon's rich flavor for long, but hate to see your body suffer the health consequences, here are six reasons to stock up on this food ASAP.

  • It's 100% Vegan

Despite their name, TSP bacon bits contain zero meat. In fact, they are solely made of soy flour (minus the oil) which -as you probably know- is 100% plant-based. So, even though the product's description refers to bacon, this vegan treat has nothing to do with the favorite cured meat - except maybe that it tastes like it. So, if you are thinking of veganizing your cabinet just a bit, TSP Bacon Bits should be at the top of your grocery list.

  • It's Affordable

It's no secret that stocking up a vegan pantry can be expensive. However, TSP in general and TSP Bacon Bits, in particular, are an exception to this rule as they are super affordable and, thus, widely used. That's one of the reasons they are a weekly menu staple for facilities with limited resources such as schools. So, if you are a vegan and want to cook on a budget, TSP Bacon Bits are a no-brainer.

  • It's Versatile

Thanks to its granule form, this delicious meat substitute can be part of various dishes, no matter its consistency. That said, you can add it in sauces, soups, baked goods, tacos, chili, and even desserts (as a way to balance the sweetness). It can also be cooked using a variety of techniques, from sautéing and boiling to searing and simmering.

  • It's Packed With Nutrients

It may come as a surprise, but TSP is considered a complete protein. That same goes for TSP bacon. Since it is made of soy, this vegan food packs an impressive nutritional punch, which contains several rockstar nutrients, including fiber, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Besides that, it also boasts zero fat, since it's all removed during the de-fattening process. Given these, TSP Bacon Bits are the perfect way to satiate your hunger, feel fuller for longer, and promote muscle gains.

  • It Tastes Awesome

TSP itself has a mild, almost neutral flavor and is known for absorbing flavorings very well. Even though TSP Bacon Bits have a slightly more intense taste than the regular version, they can still absorb the flavors of the surrounding ingredients (think sautéed onion, fresh herbs, etc.) and create a unique and, most importantly, ultra-delicious flavor palate. Who said dehydrated foods are not tasty?

  • It Has A Long Shelf Life

Just like all dehydrated foods, TSP Bacon Bits have a long shelf life, sometimes lasting for many years. So, whether you are a fan of camping and the great outdoors or just want to stock your survival/emergency cabinet with something bacon-y, this product fits the bill.

The Takeaway

So, whether you love your bacon piled on pancakes, stuffed in sandwiches, or crumbled on top of your ice cream, TSP is the healthy alternative you've always been looking for. This vegan delicacy tastes as good as the real deal, contains zero fat (saturated or other), and is instead packed with fiber and protein - which makes you the winner. So, if you want to enjoy your favorite treat almost every day without worrying about all the calories and fat, what are you waiting for? Click right here and get your hands on our delicious TSP bacon bits. 

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