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Grandparents Day Ideas
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September 8th is National Grandparents’ Day. Grandparents play a crucial role in raising their grandchildren. About four million children are raised by their grandparents, while five million children live with their grandparents at their parents’ home.1

The purpose of National Grandparents’ Day is to honor them for their immense contributions in raising their children and grandchildren. It also creates an opportunity for grandparents to express their love for their grandchildren. Children also get insights and guidance from their elders. Celebrating National Grandparents’ Day is a great way to bring the family together and affirm the value that children bring to their parents.

Observance of National Grandparents’ Day is essential. It can be celebrated at school or in a  private family gathering where grandparents can have time to share their favorite stories and pass wisdom to their grandchildren. If you’re looking for fun National Grandparents’ Day ideas that children can do you are in the right place. These ideas can be used by teachers, parents, and children to appreciate their grandparents.

Make their favorite food

Treat your parents to their favorite food with the help of your children. Help your child make their treat, preferably a sweet dessert with sprinkles, nuts, or fruits to sweeten National Grandparents’ Day. The National Grandparents’ Day idea works perfectly even if you live away from them. If you travel, choose a recipe that will put that into consideration. Let your children cook with their grandma a special dessert or a healthy meal. It will be fun, and your children can learn new recipes to make for you during Mother’s day or Father’s Day.

Take your children to visit them

Most grandparents would love to have their grandchildren home with them on National Grandparents’ Day. Preplan the best day for your parents and children. They can sleepover at grandpa or grandma’s place, and you can pick them the next day. In case they cannot sleep over, you can plan for a lunch date or picnic at the park. It is the perfect day for your child to learn about grannie’s hobbies and do it with her. You never know, it could be the chance for your child to discover new interests and talents.

Plan an interview for grandparents

Most grandparents have fascinating stories to share, and they love telling stories. Help your child come up with a list of questions they can ask their grandparents.  The questions will help your children know more about their grandparents: where they were born, or where they went to school. They can share their experiences with school and work. They can share their favorite memories about their lives and share their advice on life. You can record the interview so that the children can keep this memorable conversation.

Play fun games

Your child and their grandpa or grandma can play puzzles that have word searches or crosswords with National Grandparents’ Day words. They can also spend time together outside and play soccer, go fishing, or visit a park.

Accompany your parents for grandparent’s day at school.

You can frame the coloring pages that your children and their grandparents made so that they can all remember the special day.  If the school celebrates National Grandparents’ Day, it is a great idea to join your parents at the school. The grandparents can share historical events before the children were born. There can be a contest where children write essays on why their grandparents are the best. The writer of the winning essay can get an award for their grandparent.

Create a family tree

It’s an excellent time for students to learn about their family tree. It is a great activity that children can do with their grandparents.  It involves drawing a tree on a large paper. Then put up the branches with the names of their family members, according to their age. The children can organize their relatives to illustrate their ancestral history. Cut out the names of every family member and then pin it in the tree. You can help your child to do this.

Create a photo book

Make a scrapbook that includes your child photos with their grandma or grandpa. Your child can select their favorite images to add to the book and present it to their grandparent. It is a memorable gift that they can make in little time. Get a simple photo album and print the favorite photos with date stamps. Then let your child add a note on the first page of the album.  It is a good practice, because you can keep updating it every year with new family members with the oldest and latest grandchild.


Teach your child one of the favorite songs of their grandparents that you can sing along with them, and serenade them. Record the performance for memory. The video will be a beautiful memory in years to come.

Give them customized gifts

Design t-shirts with the drawing that your child made of their grandparents and present to them together. There are useful sites like cafepress.com and customInk.com, where you can check out. You can also purchase a personalized mug, phone case, or pillow with a photo of your child and their grandparents.

Make them a card

You can design a card together with your child and present it to the grandparent. Alternatively, the children can decorate the cards with their grandparents. They can print a poem or a personalized message to appreciate the support of their grandparents and pin it to the card; then they will read it together. Writing poems is good practice for your child to learn how to express themselves.

Create a family tradition for National Grandparents’ Day where you set the activities and games to play. Then, later on, you can exchange gifts.  These National Grandparents’ Day ideas are fun and exciting. It will open the eyes of your children of the contributions of their grandparents. We wish you and your family an exciting National Grandparents’ Day from Mother Earth Products.


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