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How to Make Freeze Dried Food Even More AppetizingThere are so many reasons to fall in love with freeze dried and dehydrated food. For one, you don't ever have to worry about produce going bad. Just think of all the food (and money) you've tossed in the trash over the years, and you'll get our point. But, wait, there's more.
Freeze dried food (FDF) also allows you to enjoy the flavors of your favorite fruits and vegetables as if they are fresh out of the farmer's market. Plus, most of the nutrients remain intact, delivering the same health benefits as their fresh counterparts.
However, longtime freeze dried food fans know there's nothing wrong with adding some flavor to the mix. A little more seasoning and out-of-the-box cooking never hurt anyone, right? So, here are five game-changing ways to make freeze dried food even more appetizing.

  1. Blaze Your Own Trail... Mix

Despite containing just a small percentage of water, freeze dried foods can still rock your palate in the easiest way possible. And, in this case, adding water is so last season. If you don't know it by now, freeze dried food can be consumed as is, requiring zero cooking skills and barely a second of your time.
In fact, the texture of freeze dried foods is easy-to-chew and crunchy, reminding you of crunchy candies rather than dehydrated food. Plus, the flavors are the same as if you were nibbling on fresh fruit and vegetables. However, we've got a way to up the stakes flavor-wise, and it involves you, a handful of nuts and your favorite freeze dried bites.
You've probably heard the news: Trail mix is going through a healthy renaissance of sorts. This once-fattening snack can now contain all the right ingredients, from energy-boosting fruit to fiber-rich nuts. Want to keep up with the trend? Then, start mixing and matching your favorite nuts, seeds, and freeze dried fruit by Mother Earth Products and (why not?) some treat-like goodies, such as dark chocolate chips or mini marshmallows. And as always, moderation is key.

  1. Sauté Spices for An Instant Flavor Boost

If you want to take your dishes to the next level, then spices are the way to go and freeze dried vegetables are no exception. With that in mind, we're about to let you in on a little secret: Did you know that you can infuse your food with the pungent flavor of spices while sautéing?
Contrary to popular belief, you can actually sauté freeze dried food. Just heat some oil and cook the product as-is (no water needed) along with the spices for about 30 seconds. This way: not only do you save time, but you also enhance the flavor of the food from the get-go. Just make sure you add water as soon as you are done sautéing to avoid burning. It's high time you dusted off that spice rack, don't you think?

  1. Hydration is Key

Add water first; ask questions later. Unfortunately, this is the way a lot of people approach freeze dried food hydration, only to end up with a soggy pile of products. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way.
To keep the flavors intact, simply add the food you are about to eat in a clear bowl and add water. How much water is enough? There are two ways to determine that. Either the food will start floating, or the water will start pooling at the bottom of the bowl. So, don't get surprised if hydrating freeze dried food may require less water than you initially thought.

  1. Dip Them in Chocolate

Eating healthy is on top of most people's bucket list. But, what's a chocoholic to do when the hunger for this delicious treat strikes? An ingenious way to mitigate the not-so-healthy effects of chocolate on your health and waist is to add freeze dried fruit to the mix. In fact, use this tasty treat to coat a variety of freeze dried superfoods by Mother Earth Products, from the potassium-rich bananas to the fiber-packed apples. Isn't that sweet?

  1. Sneak Them Into Baked Goods

What's not to like about freeze dried foods? They are affordable, contain lots of nutrients, and they taste just like the real deal (and sometimes even better if you have an issue with the texture of fresh fruit and vegetables). But, here's an excellent way to enjoy their rich flavor to the fullest while making your meals taste even better: sneak them into your baked goods.
Whether you're in the mood for a fruity biscuit or want to sweeten your homemade cakes in the healthiest way possible, FDF makes for an excellent and nutrient-dense ingredient. In fact, due to their low concentration in water, freeze dried fruits and vegetables by Mother Earth Products don't interfere with the consistency of your baked goods, but instead, add to their delicious flavor.

The Takeaway

Eating tasty meals when there's enough time to cook is amazing. But, eating super healthy and delicious meals/snacks day in day out is even better. Now, there is a way. All it takes is these five suggestions and a handful of freeze dried foods from Mother Earth Products. Are you ready to give your everyday meals/snacks a makeover?
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