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Home And Family Crafts: 5 Best Ways To Celebrate The National Craft Month 0

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Did you know that students who participate in a project in arts and crafts are four times more likely to be high performers in academics? Crafting is fun for children, whether it’s making fluffy pompoms, paintings, or decorations. Home and family crafts are an excellent outlet for stress and allow daily inspiration for both children and adults, plus it is a lot of fun. Who said you couldn’t do all the fun stuff just because you are no longer a child?  

March is the National Craft Month. It provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to join ideas together and come up with creative pieces. Craft enthusiasts get together and participate in home and family crafts such as coloring, painting, sewing, and knitting. Artists hold content and give special promotions. Whether you want to try a new hobby or learn a new skill, there are various ways to celebrate the craft month. 

History of the National Craft Month

In 1994, the Craft and Hobby Association set up the craft month to help people to rediscover the joy and benefits of crafting.2  The month is all about discovering new home and family crafts and finding or rediscovering hobbies.

How to celebrate National Craft Month

Learn a new hobby

During this month, artisans and crafters work together to create inspiring art projects.  It is an excellent opportunity for you to start a new hobby or share with your family and friends on what you have been working on and introduce your child to crafting.

There is a wide range of home and family crafts to choose from paints, wood, metals, paper, and wood; whatever inspires you, choose to bring your craft idea into reality this month. Learning a new craft will help you to express your creativity and provides stress relief from the usual pressures of life.

Moreover, you feel more confident when you learn a new skill. You can also enroll your child in a school that teaches craft. It is an excellent way for your child to learn new skills and shape them up for the future.

Craft in a group

Can you paint it? Can you sew? Making home and family crafts in a group is a great social event. You can involve your coworkers and friends to create projects that you have interest in and items for charity purposes, like making blankets for premature babies or painting to give children admitted to the hospital. Whatever charity you decide to support, your efforts are valuable, and it will be fulfilling.

Spend time with your children and make some art

Get your children off TV and game consoles and allow them to learn home and family crafts that will shape their future. Join them to make cards or paint and nurture that skill. Allow them to explore their inner artistic nature. Enroll your child to art school if they have a particular interest in arts and crafts, or if you want them to learn a hobby.

Make cards and gifts to your friends and family and explore the inner artist in you. Handmade cards may not be perfect, but it is the thought that counts. Make yours to share what you made on social media with #nationalcraftmonth so that your followers can take a look at your creativity.

Attend local craft events

In case you cannot make any home and family crafts, visit the nearest local craft centers and support the local artists by buying jewelry, scrapbooks, decoration cards, and knitwear. Check for local craft events and festivals and meet people with similar interests in crafts.

Explore nature

You can go to the beach and collect shells which you can paint in different colors.  You can use pine cones and leaves to create art. Go outdoors and take photos. Photography is also a form of art that allows you to capture the present moment and appreciate the environment around you. Go in a group because it is more exciting.

Grab your paintbrush or scissors and get crafting this National Craft Month.  It is time to learn a new home and family craft skill. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, let out the creativity in you. Don’t forget to share your projects with others and use #nationalcraftmonth and #motherearthproducts on social media. Happy crafting.


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