5 Ways To Celebrate National Spouse’s Day

Spouse's Day
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We have become one busy lot, and remembering certain days worth celebrating slips our minds. Marriage is beautiful, and spouses deserve a day the same way we have Mothers' and Fathers' Day. January 26th is National Spouse’s Day.

The truth is most couples rarely celebrate it, or they don’t even know that such a day exists. Here's a friendly reminder to set that alarm to remind all spouses you know when this day comes or some days before so that they can plan.

So that you don't forget, it comes a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day. Tell me that this wasn't on purpose! It is a perfect opportunity for life partners to celebrate each other, rekindle their romance, and express gratitude toward each other through all of life's ups and downs.

History of National Spouse’s Day

The origin of National Spouse Day is unknown, but the assumption is that the idea was from a married person.1 But others say it came from the commemoration of Military Spouses Day, celebrated first in 1984.2 However, its popularity increased in the millennium. Even the oldest records don't have information about this day.

The fact that it has 'National' as a prefix can make you think it is as popular as Independence Day. We suspect the title was arbitrarily included between 2017 and 2018. Also, there are no presidential proclamations or congressional records for Spouse’s Day.3

 Interesting Facts About Marriage

Life partners have fascinating facts to say about marriage. But, some are unknown to many. Until spouses sit down to evaluate their marriages and discover them, they are swept under the bed. Here are a few that will surprise you:

  •  Research shows that life partners who hold hands, hug, and cuddle regularly remain together longer than spouses who don’t. Scientifically, any aspect of physical touch like this releases happy hormones that make you feel intimate and closer.2
  • Did you know that the third year of marriage is the happiest of your life together? Spouses who've been together longer than three years can attest to this. Now, revisit this chapter of your life and see how to bring back the spark.

Why Celebrate National Spouse’s Day?

Life partners need to know the importance of celebrating Spouse’s Day annually. Here is why spouses should slow down and revitalize their relationships. 

  1. The days and nights are moving fast, and couples are swamped by kids, pressuring jobs, careers, and businesses. Sometimes, the relationship can take a backseat, which shouldn't be the case. January 26th should be your long-needed break from your overwhelming routine and enjoy the break as partners without the kids tagging behind.
  2.  It is a marriage because there are partners involved. A partner adds beauty to your life. Spouse’s Day adds essence to marriage life and its beauty. Do the things you love together and improve or strengthen your relationship.
  3. Does that mean they aren't your spouse on other days apart from January 26th? Life partners should appreciate each other daily. As much as they can exchange love daily, this day is special and a true reminder that they are appreciated regardless.

 How To Celebrate National Spouse’s Day

National Spouse’s Day isn't for married people to shower each other with gifts. But we all love a good one on this or other random days. It is meant for partners to spend quality time together, remember the good old memories, and talk about life. Here are five ways to observe the day. 

1. Redo your first date

You could be a few months old in the marriage or past your golden anniversary, but it doesn't matter. These are some of the special days married buddies hardly forget. Recreate a similar look and if you have the scent you wore that day, do it, or visit the same restaurant or date location this Spouse’s Day. Redoing your first date gives you time to think about the blooming phase of your relationship.

2. Make some soul food for your soulmate

Get groceries and throw down your spouse's favorite meal. Go all in and out. Get the extra cheese on the pizza, their favorite chocolate, or wine. Make this a surprise if you can. On second thought, bring them along into the kitchen. Chop and cry over the onion together. Add the ingredients and spices into the pan, while your partner stirs to mix everything nicely. That is how you should combine your intimate emotions and build that love stronger on this day and beyond.

3. Buy them a gift

I know it isn't Valentine's Day, but gifting is a love language. You don't have to break the bank for this. There are hundreds of affordable gifts for spouses you can get for this day. Unless you have run out of time to shop or don't find something fantastic, MONEY does the trick.

Otherwise, here are gift ideas for Spouse’s Day:

  • Digital frames
  • Couple pendants, jewelry, and accessories
  • Matching cups, pillows, pajamas, and anything you can think of that both of you will enjoy
  • Vow books
  • Perfume

4. Plan outdoor activities

Is your partner sporty? Do you both enjoy road trips? What about nature walks? There is so much you and your spouse can enjoy outside your home. You can turn this into a fun and romantic day in the sports court or wild to watch the birds and catch butterflies.

5. Go for a movie  

Take a break from Netflix today. You can chill on the couch, cuddle, and binge on the latest series. But it might not make a difference if you often do it with your spouse. Buy cinema or theater tickets and impress them this Spouse’s Day.

 Marriage should grow affection, fulfillment, morale, security, love, care, and appreciation between spouses. Don't let January 26th be an ordinary day. Use it to rekindle the love and go down the memory lane of your relationship. Forget the daily kisses, hugs, and cuddles. Let your life partner know how much you love, value, and appreciate them by making National Spouse’s Day memorable. Spend some money, and if you are on a no-spend holiday, there are options to explore.


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