National Culinary Arts Month - Celebrating Chefs in an Exceptional Way

National Culinary Arts Month

Food and dining have experienced drastic changes and have metamorphosed from pure necessity into a creative expression. Culinary art is a delicate balance of  taste, science, and the food presentation. It's the unique way of transforming simple ingredients into an elaborate dish with unique flavors.

All you need to know about the National Culinary Arts Month

The National Culinary Arts Month has been celebrated since 2002. Every year, the month of July is set aside to acknowledge superb meals and celebrate chefs, bakers, and cooks who come up with innovative cuisine.1 Most culinary artists use natural spices obtained locally and make fresh foods available to individuals. Through their expertise, experiments, and love for cooking, they make the world a better place for all; therefore, it’s no surprise that restaurants, culinary institutions, and kitchens devote the whole month to honor all the chefs for their accomplishments.2

What are the fascinating realities of culinary arts?

People know that culinary arts revolve around food and include multiple things, such as: restaurant management, food science, and food safety. Anyone working in these areas is referred to as a "culinarian," which includes food service employees to the inventors of the beautiful pastry arts.

Historical facts

The history of culinary arts is quite long; some historical facts concerning culinary arts include fantastic facts. For instance, in the U.S.A., the first school for culinary arts opened in the 1800s.4 However, culinary art has been present in Europe since the Medieval Period; there are various books published from then. Even in modern times, collecting recipes, publishing recipe magazines, cookbooks, and cooking institutions have continued to gain fame.

Cooking schools

One of the best places to learn intriguing facts about culinary arts is some of best cooking schools. Apart from preparing students for careers in food and beverage, they also provide various opportunities for learning. They extend lessons to homes to make them more accessible and have online and evening classes to enable students to learn as they pursue other careers. Some prestigious cooking institutions include the Le Cordon Blue Schools and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). John & Wales University is also popular.

A Career in Culinary Arts

If you wish to study more about culinary arts, you can join a class at your local cooking institution or watch the Food Network. They both provide instructions for all levels on how to start and see if a career in the culinary arts is the best for you. If you're interested in the culinary arts, it's worth noting that a career in culinary arts is much more than food and beverage. The best chefs host cooking shows, write cookbooks, and even travel all over the world in the quest of culinary adventures.

How best can you celebrate the national culinary arts month?

The best way to commemorate chefs is to send shoutouts to your favorite chef or cook and let them know that you appreciate their efforts and skills, and which of their meals you fancy the most and why you keep coming back for more.2  If you are a chef, you can use this chance to show off your skills, because food lovers want to see your best food selfies.

What are some of the helpful hints for beginner chefs during the holiday?

If you're not a pro in kitchen matters, the holiday gives you an excellent opportunity to try your hand at cooking. Here are some helpful tips for new chefs:

1. Have the necessary kitchen appliances - Invest in several sharp knives and remember to maintain them. Also, you'll need quality pots, pans, glass baking bowls, and measuring spoons and cups. Smaller appliances, like a hand blender, will come in handy as you master the tricks of food preparation.

2. Try out new recipes - Begin with easy recipes and start small by choosing a recipe with a few ingredients. You can incorporate freeze dried strawberries, sweet potatoes, pineapple, mangoes or apples in your recipes, since they take less time to prepare.

3. Familiarize yourself with standard cooking terms - Research and learn different cooking terms. For instance: if you're not sure of the difference among boiling, roasting, poaching, and braising, an online dictionary will come in handy.

3. Ask for assistance - Don't shy away from requesting help from friends, loved ones, or any master chef you know. Take time to observe them as they prepare meals. Consider taking some classes at any community college.

4. Have fun! - If you make mistakes along the way, don't stress. Keep trying. Besides, all chefs need assistance. Allow your children, friends, spouse, or neighbor to help you. Also, listen to your favorite music as you chop, cut, chop, or dice.

What are some of the culinary travel activities for kids for the National Culinary Arts month?

Introduce your kid's palate to a world of flavors than with a culinary travel event!  Kids are attached to the food cultures surrounding them as they learn how food is grown, produced, and prepared. Here are some of the kid-friendly activities for this holiday:

1. City food tours - Food tours are famous and an excellent way to view various stops you might be interested in. Furthermore, an expert can share his/her opinions on the vendors or restaurants you may not be aware of.

2. Cooking classes - If your family is the type that likes to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, then a cooking class may be suitable. Many luxury resorts offer kid friendly cooking lessons, and this is an excellent way to have your kids enjoy the holiday.

3. Market experiences -You can plan a local market experience. Since guides are not necessary for this activity, you can organize an outing with your loved ones and allow them to make purchases according to their preferences. Also, you can invite your friends and prepare delicious meals using the ingredients sourced from the market.

4. Foraging for food - You can opt to skip the market and go straight to the source for your favorite meals. You can try a truffle hunting tour, or go fishing for the catch of the day. Furthermore, some of the hotels permit you to help in the garden where you can take gardening lessons and greenhouse tours.

Happy National Culinary Arts Month from us at Mother Earth Products. Don’t forget to try our freeze dried fruits and vegetables in your recipes this creative month!


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