5 Easy Ways to Use Organic Freeze Dried Fruit (and Non-Organic) in Your Meals

5 Easy Ways to Use Organic Freeze Dried Fruit (and Non-Organic) in Your Meals

Dried fruit’s water content is removed through dehydrators, specialized dryers, or naturally. The use of freeze dried fruit has been with us for centuries and seeing it happen today is not a new thing, but something we choose to do differently.       

If you are already used to cereals, adding a new recipe to your morning routine with organic freeze dried fruit may give you the energy to last you through day. Instead of gambling on processed cereals, grab different freeze dried fruits and fix your breakfast or lunch to enjoy all essential nutrients.

Make Quick Breakfast with Freeze Dried Fruits

Tossing your choice of freeze dried fruit on pancakes adds flavor and texture, leaving you with a fruity taste to tantalize your taste buds. You have a wide selection of menus to pick from, like freeze dried strawberries.

Or you can use organic freeze dried blueberries and enjoy their antioxidant properties. If you choose muffins for breakfast instead, with blueberries, add a little water to let the fruits soak up the moisture. Keep the blueberries or any freeze dried fruit from the pan when baking.

Cereal in the morning sounds like everybody’s favorite. Make it more interesting by getting some freeze dried bananas, which soften the moment you add milk. Try the bananas with oatmeal to get a natural sweet, fruity taste.

Brighten Your Desserts

Freeze dried fruits are delicious and healthy snacks. It does not matter if you are looking for dessert decorations, adding flavor to your cake, or you want to treat your family to something new and healthy using organic freeze dried fruit - there are plenty of options.

You can choose different freeze dried fruits to brighten desserts without much effort. Freeze dried fruits retain shape and color and maintain that spectacular look in your favorite snack. If you are an oatmeal cookie fan, you can forget about the raisins, and pick any of the following freeze dried fruits, like organic blueberries, apples, and organic freeze dried strawberries. All these freeze dried fruits will give you more flavor and brighten the base with colors that resemble fresh fruits.

If you’re looking for a better way of brightening your baking tray, try using freeze dried fruit slices to give the desired effect. If the tray is bigger, you only have to add a variety of freeze dried fruits to add more texture. Your snack presentation won’t fail if you decide to garnish the snack using whole fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, and countless other fruity options.

Make Smoothies

The use of freeze dried fruit is an excellent way of making healthy smoothies packed with extra nutrients and flavor. Smoothies work well with freeze dried apples and bananas. Keep it simple and go light on the sweeteners. The most direct way of making a fruit smoothie is to use whole fresh frozen fruits or crush them to make blending an easy task. Make your smoothie healthy by increasing the antioxidants levels by using organic freeze dried blueberries, or make a cocktail of freeze dried bananas, freeze dried apples, and freeze dried blueberries and boost your nutrition and flavor.

Infuse in Your Water

Nutrient infused water has a refreshing kick. Infusing is convenient.  Select your fruit flavor, add it in water, and without much effort, you have flavored water. Infusing drinks is not limited to water; try soda, soda water, and freeze dried raspberries or any other favorite freeze dried fruit. For an extra dose of healthy, try our organic freeze dried fruit.


Anything that can be baked, from muffins to cookies, can include freeze dried fruits as ingredients, because these fruits do not have moisture that may change the consistency of the mix. Using fresh fruits will make soggy products. When baking with freeze dried fruits, you can choose to use large slices or finer pieces. If you are a muffin or cake lover, go for the coarsely chopped freeze dried fruits. For others, like candy bars, grind the fruits into smaller pieces. For a recipe that includes both sugar and freeze dried fruit, it is best to get the right combination of both before mixing it with other baking ingredients.

All the techniques you will use on one particular freeze dried fruit when baking applies to any other any other organic freeze dried fruit.

More about Freeze Dried Fruits

To get the best freeze dried fruit experience, whether it is breakfast, snack, or even infusing water, make sure you use your favorite fruit. The truth about using freeze dried fruit is a good option, because you are consuming the whole fruit: no additives, no preservatives, or no sweeteners. The most impressive thing about the freeze dried meals is that you do not have to wait for designated meal times; all you have to do is to enjoy.

When looking to stock freeze dried produce, note that you are adding more than flavor to your delicacies or drink. The freeze drying process creates long term food storage options, making it easy to buy in bulk and store in case of an emergency food supply. You no longer have to worry when guest or friends visit you. Whipping up something without having to go through the rigorous exercise of cooking means your snacks will be ready in time, because no time is wasted on preparation and cleanup.


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