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Eat Our Healthy Freeze Dried Peas
Freeze dried peas are the perfect vegetable, that if taken frequently, can improve your health. You can eat them as a snack or add them to your dishes. The process of freeze-drying involves removing all the water content in their frozen state. The pressure of the freeze dryer is adjusted to dry the peas thoroughly. The best part is that no nutrients are lost during this process.1
Here are some of the benefits of freeze dried peas.

They are nutritious

Peas are rich in healthy nutrients that are not lost during the freeze-drying process. They are rich in protein, energy, fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid. They contain adequate amounts of potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium that are beneficial for our daily body functions.1 They are also free from saturated fat, since they only contain 0.32g per 100g.2 Being low in calories, they provide a healthy way to eat without worrying about adding pounds.

They are convenient to use

Although they have a different taste from the fresh peas, they are tasty.  They are quick to prepare and are a convenient way to eat vegetables and get an array of vitamins and minerals.1 They are also very light and easy to carry. It’s no wonder many hikers and athletes carry freeze dried vegetables and fruits in their backpack for a quick energy boost on the go. Furthermore, it is easy to eat them directly from the pack. Because they are lightweight, you can carry several packs in your bag so you don’t run out.

They have an excellent shelf life

If the constant need to go to the grocery store is a bother, why not stock some freeze dried peas, and use the time to bond with your pet or your family. You can store them for a long time without their going bad. They are also perfect for emergencies, such as during storms, or for survival in case of floods or an earthquake. It ensures that you get access to nutritious foods before the situation improves. The best part is that you won’t have to worry that they will go bad before you use them.  Also, in case your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a road trip, having freeze dried peas in your car will save you the hustle of looking for food, in case you're far from food courts or gas stations. Moreover, for hikers, it provides a healthy source of food without the worry that food will go bad when they go for long treks.

They are versatile

Freeze dried peas are a vital component for your food supplies. They are an all-round product that you can use in whatever way you wish.

-As a snack

Freeze dried peas are lightweight “eat as you go” snack and are perfect for outdoors. When trekking, you can put it in your backpack, and they’ll come in handy when you need an energy boost. They are tasty and are easy to chew. They have delicious flavor for your sweet tooth. You don’t need to indulge in sweets, cakes, and soda while you can have a nutritious snack that is low in calorie and has tremendous health benefits. It is also ideal as a camping food. You can prepare it in minutes, and you can still enjoy them as they are.

-With meals

Freeze dried peas are a perfect way to supplement your meals. You can rehydrate and cook the peas within a few minutes. You can use either hot or cold water and prepare them as a separate dish. Let them simmer for about 10-20 minutes, depending on your taste preferences and also the consistency that you desire. However, if you would like to add peas to your main dishes, ensure that you add them a few minutes toward the end of your cooking.  To have 1 cup of peas, rehydrate ½ cup of freeze dried peas.
You can also rehydrate and use as soup for your main meals. With freeze dried peas can make purely vegetable soup with cloves, nutmeg, celery, garlic, and salt to flavor. You can also add beef of chicken to the soup. Either way, do not overpower the taste of peas with seasonings.
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Choose freeze dried peas today and enjoy their massive benefits.
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