9 Ways to Eat Apples This Fall

9 Ways to Eat Apples This Fall

Fall is the time to indulge in all things pumpkin. As much as we love a home-brewed PSL, the bright orange fruit pales in comparison to fall's true king - the apple. Packed with fiber, polyphenols, and vitamin C, this plump, juicy fruit is linked to a list of health benefits(1): reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, and asthma to lowering our cholesterol and keeping our heart healthy. Apples also taste great, making it easy to eat as many as we can in one sitting. Peeling and eating the thing raw is just one way to enjoy it, but, since we're fans of the freeze dried version around here, we have found 9 surprising ways to enjoy apples to get the most out of them.

No, freeze dried apples are not a poor substitute of fresh apples. These bite-sized treats contain the same amount of nutrients as the real deal and taste wonderful! They don't spoil as quickly as fresh apples, which spares us the frequent trips to the nearest farmer's market or orchard.

  1. Soups/Stews

Most people love cozying up with a bowl of warm, hearty soup during Fall. But chicken is not the only ingredient to count on for top-notch flavor. Apples thicken soups and stews, while adding tons of flavor, thanks to their high content of natural sugars. Plus, the apples subtly sweet taste compliments the savory tone of many veggies and meats, the best options being pork, carrots (which we have in our store, too), parsnips, butternut squash, and ginger.

Our top suggestion: Warm your insides with a bowl of carrot, ginger, apple soup.

  1. Apple Butter

Move over, peanut butter! Apple butter is the jazzed-up spread we've been looking for, and it'll change morning toast for the better. Just hydrate a cup of freeze dried apples, simmer them for a while, puree them until smooth, and we’ve got ourselves a batch of the healthiest apple butter ever.

Our top suggestion: Enjoy apple butter as part of a grilled sandwich with a few strips of bacon, sliced eggs, and some arugula.

  1. Salads

Salads taste great, but munching on just greens can get boring fast. To brighten up the salad menu, add a handful of freeze dried apples, and the juicy crunch will reward you..

Our top suggestion: In a bowl, add the salad greens (think lettuce, arugula, and romaine), along with a generous amount of freeze dried apple cubes, pecans, and blue cheese.

  1. Baked Bread

Apple bread may sound like a #basic choice this fall, but it's the simple things that can sometimes sweep us off of our feet. This delicious combo is one of the simplest ways to sneak apples into the fall menu without adding up the calories. Pro tip: Use whole-wheat flour instead of regular for a healthier take on the classic treat; however, a quick search online can give many options for those who are gluten free.

Our top suggestion: There are various apple bread recipes online. Follow the simplest one, and drizzle some cinnamon glaze over the top. Yum!

  1. Salsa

Salsa usually conjures up images of the classic tomato-lime-cilantro combo, we're here declare apple salsa is a thing and should be eaten! This unique take on the classic dip calls for a handful of hydrated freeze dried apples combined with lime, cilantro, red bell peppers (which we have in our store), a touch of spicy jalapenos (available in our store), and red onion. If that combo doesn't make sense, think that the apples' sweet taste will tame the spicy/tangy flavor of the lime and the jalapeno, creating a perfect balance among all the ingredients.

  1. Healthier Apple Juice

Even though apple juice has a reputation for being healthy, a quick look at the ingredient list shows that drinking than 2 cups of the drink daily is not doing our health any favors. It’s not apple juice that's the problem; it's the added sugar and artificial flavorings that up the calorie count. Here’s a way to make a healthier, less sugary drink at home. Add two cups of freeze dried apples to a pot, bring them to a boil, strain the solid parts, and the juice is ready.

  1. DIY Granola Bars

Another easy way to eat apples is to add them to homemade granola bars, which nixes the added sugar and artificial preservatives and flavorings found in the store bought bars. Besides, DIY-ing granola bars allows us to experiment with creative (and delicious) combos: apple/cinnamon, apple/raspberry, and apple/peanut butter. Drooling yet?

Our top suggestion: Chewy almond apple granola bars are a delicious bet.

  1. Frittata

Frittatas can do it all for any meal of the day. Unfortunately, this it’s usually reserved for savory add-ins, and it's high time we changed that. Given their mildly sweet taste and crunchy texture, apples can add character to frittatas and take mediocre combos to a whole new level.

Our top suggestion: Lighten up the frittata by adding apples and leeks in the same pan. No regrets!

  1. Pancakes

Ah, pancakes. Who doesn't love waking up to a stack of syrup-drenched pancakes? Looking for something a bit healthier? Swap sugar for freeze dried apples. This juicy fruit adds sweetness and a latke-like texture to the mix, adding to the pancakes' overall wow factor.

What's your go-to way to eat apples during fall? Share your experience with us in the comments!


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15140261


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    Trying to find your apple butter for sale, love your site

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    I have become addicted to the apples love the crunch. Reduces junk snacks. Please never run out.

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