We want you to always find the best value in one of the choices we offer. When you choose Dried Vegetables, Dehydrated Vegetables, Freeze Dried Fruits, Freeze Dried Vegetables, Dried Instant Beans, Textured Vegetable Protein, or any other Food Storage products from Mother Earth Products, you can be assured that we will provide it to you in the safest, most preservable condition possible.

  • 2 Cup Pouches: for those that never use that much product. These are good for longer term storage options, too, or those who store their spices in their cabinets for cooking. 
  • 2 Cup Jars: for those that don't use that much product and enjoy seeing the product. These jars cannot seal and keep light out (like Mylar bags). These are only available for limited products.
  • Quart Size Jar: for those that enjoy seeing the product. These jars cannot seal and keep oxygen and light out (like the Mylar bags).
  • Quart Mylar Pouch: the very best packaging for freshness as they are sealed from the light and oxygen - sealed with moisture absorbent packs, and will be good on your shelves for many years unopened, or up to 5 years after opening. They have a zip top to reseal after each use.
  • Multi-Pound Bulk bags: For those that use a lot of product or wish to repackage for themselves. This is packaged for you in a bulk plastic or mylar bag. Most of the time, unless requested otherwise, we put oxygen absorbers into each bulk bag.

We offer you a variety of packaging options that not only can save you money, more importantly it preserves your product in the best possible way. All our packaging is FDA approved for food storage and handling. 

Let’s start with what comes standard with most of our products:

  • In each of our standards: in our mylar bags, we place desiccants, or moisture absorbers. These are non-toxic packages specifically designed to gather large amounts of any excess moisture that might infiltrate your product as you open and use it. Since many of our customers live in humid climates, this is critical. Do not remove this packet. Leave it in the packaging until you have finished the product.
  • Two variables, out of the control of the manufacturer regardless of containers used and proper packaging procedures, are light and temperature. This is in the hands of those who store the product long term, or even just in their cabinets or pantries (for inclement weather).
  • Air infiltration in your product is one of the biggest causes of your product degrading too rapidly. It is critical that packaging is properly sealed and kept that way. We do take all of this into consideration when we package the product; so, please abide by each date on the food product label. The food will last longer than the date on the label if kept well.
  • Moisture infiltration in your product is another one of the biggest causes of your product degrading too rapidly. Here at Mother Earth Products, we understand that moisture is obviously one of the greatest enemies for Dried VegetablesFreeze Dried FruitsFreeze Dried VegetablesTextured Vegetable Protein, Instant Beans, or any other Food Storage product.
  • Products should be stored in a cool, dark place. The optimum condition would be 65 degrees or less.

Mother Earth Products can’t make any specific warranties in relation to the life of the products, because those two variables are dependent on you. We can only pass on the proper techniques and industry standard recommendations.