Why Health and Nutrition is critical in any preparedness plan......


Here at Mother Earth Products, we believe, as you do, that the whole preparedness movement is based on the fact that we know there will not always be a safety net for us.

We need to be prepared to care for ourselves in every way. Now truly, of all the times in your life when you really would need all the health and strength you could get, would it not be during times of disaster and crisis? This is when we better be able to give our bodies what they need or they just will not be able to perform for us.

What we are not trying to do is turn this whole preparedness movement into a health food issue. Of all those that would call themselves preppers though, I think they would understand this basic need for physical health. One thing that the world is not short on these days is Medical research. It was not that long ago that most individuals really did not consider the relationship between what went in their mouth and their health. The old Food Pyramids have been completely reconstructed to show how we must better balance our diets with those “live” food products that really have the nutrition we need.

Of course the best option would always be to have fresh food, but when that is not available, dried vegetables and freeze dried fruits still carry in them the majority of the benefit of when they were fresh. It is crucial that this is the majority of what we are taking in for calories each day. You may have many Entrées that can be improved greatly by mixing the veggies right in, or create new Entrées out of them or just use them for side dishes.

It is also not our purpose to try to disparage the many reputable companies that provide Freeze Dried Entrées for long term storage. This is just factually based information that clearly shows that the emphasis behind these meals are NOT to promote health and vitality; they are solely for life sustaining measures. Just like in our current diets, that may be ok, as long as we have the proper balance with the other Fruits and Vegetables…..and because those long term Entrées are not cooked from scratch either, they provide less for us then a good meal at dinner time today.

Dried Vegetables are by far the best value for nutrition and cost. Properly packaged and stored they can last up to the same 25 years.The other dirty little secret from the Large Companies is that they make a fortune prepackaging all of this for you. Part of every Preppers arsenal should be a Sealer and stack of Mylar bags. You can save TONS by purchasing in Bulk, with friends, and sealing it up yourself. Be Prepared, be Smart, Save Money, Live Healthy….The Mother Earth Product’s way.









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