13 Must-Try Autumn Home Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Space This Season

13 Must-Try Autumn Home Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Space This Season

Falling leaves, pumpkins, and gourds signal the end of sunny summer and the beginning of autumn. The new season is an opportunity to slow down and add a touch of fall magic to your living space. Your home is a place of comfort where you can enjoy peace and calm no matter what is happening in the world. Changing your living space allows you to express your creativity and make your home more welcoming and cozy with the essence of autumn.  

I know you are wondering, “How can I decorate my house for autumn?” You don’t have to do a total overhaul but simply add a touch of autumn color palettes such as rustic red, burnt orange, or golden yellow to mirror the earthy tones of nature outside. The good part is that you don’t need to be a seasoned home decor expert. This article will give you 13 simple autumn home décor ideas to prepare your home for fall.

1. Paint your walls with autumn hues

If you plan to paint your walls, this is the right time. Choose bold autumn shades such as deep reds, rustic oranges, and cool green or warm brown to create a warm and harmonious ambiance to enjoy the beauty of the season.

2. Change the colors of your throw pillows

Throw pillows are affordable autumn home décor ideas. Add an autumn vibe to your home by using throw pillow covers with autumn inspired colors such as orange, green, red, or brown. Then, complement with a throw blanket on the couch.

3. Add décor pieces to your dining table

Nothing screams “fall” more than hearty meals and family gatherings.  Celebrate the abundance of the season by creating centerpieces with autumn fruits such as apples and pears. Mix green tones, white, and flashes of color to make the centerpieces with vegetables. A simple way to make a decorative basket is to fill it with apples or pears and add corn stalks and hay bales.

Enhance your dining experience with rustic tablecloths and dinnerware with earthy tones to get ready to feast on the Autumn produce. Also, add elegant touches with golden candle holders or flatware to complete the look.

4. Create handmade décor pieces

There’s nothing unique as creating your own décor pieces because they add a personal touch to your living space. Make décor inspired by nature with fallen leaves, acorns, or pinecones to create beautiful handmade décor pieces. Then, arrange them neatly in bowls or scatter them on mantles. Also, create a leafy garland with leaves or pinecones and place it on the mantel, or drape it over the doorway to add elegance. If you want to buy décor, choose those that are versatile and can be used for different seasons.

5. Create a wreath

Create an autumn wreath with colorful leaves and twigs and hang it on the front door. You can also use miniature pumpkins or cranberries to signify the beginning of autumn. Add ball decorations and foliage for the finishing touches.

6. Stack pumpkins on tables

Decorate a table with pumpkins in glass cloche containers and terra cotta pots to make your home autumn ready. Your foyer is the ideal place to start with a simple tablescape. You can also group tiny pumpkins on a side table to add a casual seasonal touch to the loving area.

7. Change your rugs and carpets

Autumn vibes are all about giving a sense of comfort and warmth. Since the temperatures begin to drop, swap the lightweight rugs for thicker and warmer ones with autumn hues such as brown to keep your feet warm. Add a shaggy rug to the living room or a fur blanket on the couch. These small touches enhance the feeling of warmth and add aesthetics.

8. Switch your lights

Lighting transforms the mood of your living space. Swap the harsh lights with soft and warmer lights such as candles or string lights, which give a gentle and comforting glow that is perfect for autumn evenings. Add lanterns with candles on the pathways to add a magical ambiance and soft glow during the night. You can use mason jars to create lanterns with tea or fairy lights inside and place them on the dining table or the gazebo outside during outdoor family meetings. Choose gold, black, or grey candle lanterns because they will not contradict the colors of the room. 

9. Decorate the mantel

Pumpkins are not only colorful, but they are plenty in autumn. Make a simple arrangement of white pumpkins, colorful leaves, and twines to make a beautiful garland and drape it on the mantel. If your walls are white, use orange pumpkins to neutralize the color.

10. Add indoor foliage

Indoor plants are one of the best autumn home decor ideas. They require minimal care in autumn and give the living space a full of life. Choose plants with different colors, such as the prayer plant, snake plant, neon pothos, or Madagascar dragon tree.

11. Transform the fireplace

One of the best autumn home decor ideas for the living room is to decorate the fireplace mantel because it is a focal point for the living room. Create a display of autumn season items such as gourds, pinecones, and pumpkins. You can paint the pumpkins gold and black with supplies from the crafts store to make them look more stylish. Add candle holders or buy framed autumn centerpieces to add a touch of elegance.

12. Add décor to your outdoor space

Transform your front porch with a seasonal welcome mat and some pots to add a feel of warmth and create an inviting environment.  Replace the summer flowers with ornamental kale in the outdoor space and add small pumpkin plants to add an extra dose of the season flair.

13. Make your doorstep a garden

Make a vertical arrangement of pumpkins with ornaments of flowering kale, cabbages, and bay leaves to add a fun shake-up and make the front porch feel like a bountiful harvest. Add a garland on the entry made of clippings from the garden.

Final Words

Autumn is not just a change of weather. It is a time to enjoy the season of bounty harvest and its vibrant hues and warm colors. It also offers inspiration to use your creativity to transform living space with homemade décor from autumn wreaths to fruity dinner centerpieces. These autumn décor ideas will help you turn your home into a haven of comfort, warmth, and seasonal flair. Happy decorating, and may your autumn be filled with warmth and love.


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