Clean Eating Era: How to Make Healthy Vegetable Salads that Everyone Will Love

Clean Eating Era: How to Make Healthy Vegetable Salads that Everyone Will Love
How to Make Healthy Vegetable Salads that Everyone Will LoveHealth enthusiasts have made clean eating fashionable, making vegetables a favorite meal for many people, unlike before. You can eat greens in salads, add them to your dishes, or smoothies. So how do you make salads that everyone will finish on their plate?
Here a few exciting ways to make your salads healthy and tasty.

Choose Green Vegetables

Green vegetables contain phytonutrients that are vital for health. They are an excellent source of fiber, which not only helps to prevent constipation but also has other tremendous health benefits.1 High fiber foods take longer to digest. Thus, they keep you full for longer. Therefore, you’re less likely to indulge in junk foods.1 This helps you to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.  Eating high fiber foods lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease.2 They prevent high cholesterol, by shielding the fat in food from being digested and absorbed. This reduces total blood cholesterol. Choose green veggies like lettuce, broccoli, or kale to build your foundation of good health.1

Add Nuts

Nuts are rich in natural healthy fats, proteins, minerals, and fiber. Add the crunchy and crispy texture of nuts to your vegetable salads.1 You can add almonds, walnuts, pecans, or pistachios.

Give it a Protein Boost

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lower blood pressure. If you’re a vegetarian, you can add plant proteins, such as soy or tofu.1

Pick Vegetables that are in Season

Pick what’s available on the market, because it will be fresh and full of flavor. It will also be favorable to your budget. During winter, you can pick peas, bell peppers, cauliflower, and pumpkins. However, freeze dried vegetables are available all year round.
With these simple ideas, you will make a healthy vegetarian salad.

Here are two easy salad recipes that you can prepare right now.

Broccoli, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This salad is very colorful and appetizing. You will need tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, salt, and pepper. Chop everything up and mix them in a bowl. Place them in a steamer and steam for 5-10 minutes. Dress with olive oil and grated cheese. You can also roast them in the oven if you wish. The choice is yours.3

Marinated Vegetable Salad

Marinating brings out the flavor of vegetables. You will need cucumber, celery, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and onions.
Halve the cherry tomatoes, and slice the rest of the ingredients. In a bowl: combine the vegetables. For the dressing, you can use olive oil, parsley, wine vinegar, cloves, pepper, mustard, and salt. Pour the dressing over the salad. Refrigerate for at least two hours, then serve.4
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